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    Courier delivery by to any address in South Africa [email protected] Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here. Guardian Angel Oxygen 24 hours concentrators GA-OX. 5L /min GA-OX 5 Oxygen concentrator 5 litre/min. Price: R12,445 Incl Vat 93% purity on 5 Litres/min 14 kg. 10% discount if you buy 5 or more machines.

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    The OxyPure Oxygen Concentrator provides up to 5L continuous oxygen for patients. This innovative Oxygen Concentrator delivers an oxygen purity of up to 96% and weighs only 15 kg.. 1-5L/min Suitable for most oxygen prescriptions

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    An electrically-operated device that concentrates the oxygen content of normal room air to approximately 90% at flow rates up to 5l/min. Concentrators are convenient, cost-effective, do not require refills and are aesthetically attractive.

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    It is a pulse dose portable concentrator that operates on setting from 1 to 6 with oxygen concentration levels at around 90%. It works using Inogens Intelligent Delivery technology to ensure oxygen therapy is delivered efficiently in all modes. Intelligent Delivery precisely detects breathing rate and adjusts the oxygen level accordingly.

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    Welcome to Easy Oxygen Ackermans Health. We supply the latest in oxygen concentrator technology from the worlds leading manufacturers to date. Our friendly and helpful consultants that we have available can provide advice on your supplemental oxygen requirements, so that you can regain an active lifestyle with our new product range.. Portable Oxygen Concentrators can improve your daily life.

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    About Portable Oxygen Concentrators in South Africa Oxygen therapy and the use of supplemental oxygen concentrators has vastly improved the lives of countless people living with breathing disorders and chronic lung conditions.