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    Mar-Cos Washington Ball Mix gives you the best play for the best price. Its the standard in baseball clay mixes, offering both quality and value. One of our most popular baseball infield mixes, Washington Ball Mix offers low maintenance and repair costs, optimal moisture control, professional-looking red clay, and softer footing for safety.

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    The make up of our Premium Baseball clay soil consists of an ideal blend of fine sand, to soften and balance the soil, deep red clay mineral sediments, to maintain moisture and provide the characteristic and very sought after color, and a very low amount of silt, just enough to regulate the rate at which moisture is allowed in and out of the soil.

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    SOILS. Ball Clay. Ball Clay is a screened material used on the infield of baseball field diamonds. Clay. Clay is a High PI material, used primarily for things such as lining a stock pond, or other applications where the water table and the effects of water are taken into consideration.

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    tion, Winona or Queen City Sand, Tallahatta or Reklaw Formations, and Carrizo Sand. The Lisbon Formation contains clay, marl, and calcareous sand, and the Tallahatta Formation is predominantly an indurated silty claystone. The Cockfield or Yegua Formation and the Sparta Formation contain carbonaceous sand, silt, and clay.

  • Plainsman Fireclay

    A refractory light colored lightly iron speckled plastic clay blend originally formulated to mimic the working and fired properties of Standard AP Green Fireclay.